The Things To Know About Me and This Blog

30ish Austinite with a passion for West Wing and breakfast tacos. My vocabulary is littered with lines from movies and television, and my closet is a tug-of-war between Audrey and Marilyn. Despite what my nearest and dearest think, I don’t have all of the answers – I’m out there looking for them just as diligently as everyone else. Ever notice that “diligently” sounds like “Dillinger,” as in “John Dillinger” notorious bank robber? Was he a diligent bank robber?? Hmmm…

I started this blog after a conversation with a friend, wherein I was explaining that Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character in Charlie Wilson’s War was my second favorite of his performances, the first being his portrayal of Lester Bangs in Almost Famous. I then went on to explain how the line “Yes, on my better days I am Russell from Stillwater,” (again, from Almost Famous) was a callback to a time when John Cusack was approached in a bar and asked if he was Lloyd Dobler. He replied, “Yes, on my better days I am Lloyd Dobler.” My friend asked me who Lloyd Dobler was. After I picked my jaw up off of the ground, I explained the film Say Anything… My friend went on to confess that he had never seen any of the movies I was talking about. I’m hoping that this blog will remedy that situation for countless other helpless souls out there.

I will repeat this where necessary, but all quotes and images from the movies are the property of the various film production companies. Just sayin’.


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